Multiple Mode Calorimetry – Synergy of Proven Method

Scientists and engineers generally recognize that the combination of two or more analytical methods can obtain much more product and process information than by using the single technique alone. Different signals can be recorded and superimposed sample effects can often be explained in a much better way. The technique has to be reliable, fast and easy to use in day-to-day business.

Like a DSC, the MMC measures chemical reactions, phase changes, and specific heat but on gram-size samples. This allows for organic/inorganic multi-phase mixtures/slurries testing. Like an ARC, it can run adiabatic tests necessary for process safety. With the new addition of the High Temperature Coin Cell Module, the MMC can do the DSC test on a whole coin cell. The MMC successfully creates the synergy of two well-proven methods, DSC and ARC.

Detailed Insight Into the World of Thermal Analysis

Detailed Insight Into the World of Thermal Analysis

The NETZSCH MMC 274 Nexus® can be used for a wide range of applications in different areas:

  • Chemical Processing Industries
    • Process development and safety
    • Kinetics, ΔHr
    • Vapor pressures, VLE
  • Storage and Transportation of Chemicals
  • Energetic Materials Testing
  • Batteries
    • Isothermal charging and discharging of coin cell
    • Thermal stability of full cells
    • Component testing (cathode materials, electrolytes)
  • Physical Properties Measurements
Application Literature

Application Literature