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Watch the webcasts, which:
  • Provide an understanding about what Thermal Analysis can do for you.
  • Show tips & tricks on working with Thermal Analysis equipment.

We offer webcasts related to methods and also for diverse applications.

Our method related webcasts include DSC/DTA, DEA, DMA, TMA, DIL, TGA-DSC, EGA, LFA, HFM, SBA and Software.

Applications and materials that are topic of our diverse webcasts:

  • Plastic Automotive Parts
  • Paints & Coatings
  • Polymers
  • Polymer Compounds
  • Photo-Curing Poylmers
  • Adhesives
  • Food
  • Cosmetics
  • Composites
  • Battery Testing
  • etc

Some Examples

Also available:

For some topics we also do offer webcasts in the following languages:

(4 webcasts available)

Titles (in Spanish)

  • Análisis Termogravimétrico (TGA): Aspectos Básicos y Aplicaciones
  • Análisis Térmico Simultáneo (STA): Fundamentos y Aplicaciones
  • Investigación de la Expansión Térmica: Aspectos Básicos
  • Análisis DSC de Polímeros para Principiantes

(4 webcasts available)

Titles (in French)

  • Analyse DSC: Théorie et Applications
  • Conductivité thermique: Comment choisir la bonne technique (LFA, HFM, GHP) pour son matériau
  • Couplage analyse des gaz TG-FTIR: théorie et exemples d’application
  • Couplage analyse des gaz TG-MS: théorie et exemples d’application

(2 webcasts available)

Titles (in Portuguese)

  • Análise Termogravimétrica ( TGA): Conceitos Básicos e Aplicações
  • Investigação da Expansão Térmica: Conceitos Básicos

(1 webcast available)

Title (in Italian)

  • L’Analisi Termica come supporto allo Sviluppo, alla Produzione e al Controllo Qualità dei Materiali Compositi

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